A flexible, remote and quick design service… no matter where you are or what your budget is!

E-design is a relatively new concept and it is exactly what it sounds like – online interior design. It’s done remotely, mainly via email, where we do the design and you (or your local decorator) do the implementation.

We do more and more things online – we do shopping online, we watch movies online, we visit galleries online – so why not getting interior advice online?

You might have seen that dream living-room or kitchen on Pinterest or in an interior design magazine and would love to have it in your own home, but you don’t know where to start or something is holding you back from hiring a traditional interior designer (because it feels too expensive…? too time-consuming…? too intrusive…?). E-design could then be right option for you.

With e-design you can get whatever you need – be it only a design sample board with associated shopping list, a furniture layout for a specific space, or a 3D visualisation of an open plan space you have been always dreaming of…

E-design is a simple and efficient process during which we will collaborate and guide you through to achieve the desired outcome.

So, how it works…

Step 1 – questionnaire

We start with a questionnaire in order to get to know your needs, requirements, style preferences, favourite colours, interests or hobbies even – this part is all about you so that we can create the space that reflects your likes and your personality.

Step 2 – design prep

At this point we need you to take measurements of the space you wish to have designed. Don’t worry though – we can give you some simple instructions on how to do it and what to pay attention to.

A couple of images of the space, flooring or furniture you wish to keep will also help us get a feel of your existing space and come up with some great suggestions.

Step 3 – design

Using all the information you have given us, we get to work to design the perfect space for you. Depending on your specific requirements, we put together a colour scheme, suggest a wallpaper, if you wish, look for suitable furniture and decorative items, curtains/blinds, lamps, etc. We then suggest best layout and can show you how the space will look once it’s done… And what if you don’t quite like it? No need to worry – design revisions are there for us to get it 100% right!

Step 4 – final plan

Within a couple of weeks you will receive a comprehensive e-design plan for pulling it all together. Plus, we will treat you with a small, surprise gift that will complement the design!

E-design can also be a great and affordable starting point in generating ideas and plans for your re-design project!

Our e-design packages…

Regardless of the package you select, your e-design plan will include as a minimum: digital mood board/sample board, colour palette, furniture, lighting, accessories, artwork, window treatment and soft furnishings selections/inspirations.


£199 per room

If you just need some inspiration or suggestions on colours and furniture to refresh the space…


basic style questionnaire

one digital mood board with colour palette, design style and furniture inspiration

one revision

4 weeks remote design support


£299 per room

If you have a few key items in place already, but need a coherent plan and a shopping list to get going…


classic style questionnaire

2D floor plan and one furniture layout

one digital sample board with colour palette, materials and key furniture and accessories selections

a detailed shopping list

up to two revisions

8 weeks remote design support


£399 per room

If you are starting from scratch and need basically everything to transform the space into something new…


classic style questionnaire

2D floor plan and two furniture layouts (if applicable)

3D visualisation of the selected layout

one digital sample board with colour palette, materials and all furniture and accessories selections

a detailed shopping list

up to three revisions

12 weeks remote design support

Please visit our Portfolio section to have a look at some of our recent e-design projects.

bespoke package

If none of the above entirely fits your needs or you need only one or two things from basic, classic and/or premium package (for example only colour scheme and all artwork and accessories), don’t worry – just reach out – we will discuss it and quote accordingly.

If you’d like to give e-design a go or just to have a chat before you make any decision, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

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