Hi! My name is Anna and I’m the founder of and the lead interior designer in modestic interior designs. I collaborate with various professionals and very talented tradesmen who embrace my designs and just make things happen! We are based in Crystal Palace, south-east London, UK. 

Designing, styling and organising interiors has always been my passion and I find it incredibly amazing how sometimes even a small change at our homes can make all the difference to our mood and perception of life! 

Having gained a formal qualification in interior design, I then gave up my previous career in higher education, rolled up my sleeves and have been designing and styling spaces ever since. Designing interiors gives me joy and professional fulfilment, and I find it especially rewarding to be able to help my clients enjoy their homes.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

I’m a true believer of “less is more” and the spaces I create are practical, efficient and suited for everyday living, where every member of the household can feel cheerful, comfortable and be surrounded by items that mean something to them.

I cannot thank Anna enough for the outstanding job she did for me. She was very friendly and supportive throughout the whole project and took the stress of the project management away.

It was a wonderful experience working with her and I strongly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a talented and dynamic interior designer!

UnaM F

My signature look

Although not prescriptively, my design style combines elements of modern, rustic and industrial… 

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul”

Coco Chanel

It embraces nature-inspired textures, peaceful colours, and organic warmth. I love bringing outdoors inside so wood, in any shape or form, as well as greenery are simply indispensable.

At the heart of modestic interior designs also lies a unique blend of modern clean lines with vintage or re-purposed items, enriched in personal accents which give the space a special and meaningful feel! 

In my designs, whenever possible and appropriate, I incorporate exposed brick, concrete, reclaimed wood or metal, as well as handcrafted art – they always add the edge to any good-looking interior.

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